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The Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management Fortis JK Hospital is equipped with the latest anaesthesia and hemodynamic monitoring systems. Offers expert preoperative evaluation, post-operative care, pain relief for chronic diseases and painless labour. Provides advanced anaesthesiology services for Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery and Joint Replacement

The specialty of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine is often referred to as the backbone of surgery and acute medicine, and justifiably so for its all-round involvement and impact on the patient care and outcomes. The department of anaesthesiology at FEHI, with highly experienced and skilled team of doctors providing the best of care to the patients, not only in operating room environment but in many other areas like intensive care units, catheterization labs, CT and MRI suites, pain management units and palliative care.

At Fortis JK Hospital Department of Anaesthesiology, complete service is available to respond to any pain management, surgical procedure, respiratory, cardiac arrest and obstetric coverage. Our main focus is on providing the highest degree of care with major emphasis on the patient's safety and satisfaction. Our anaesthetic techniques cover the complete range of procedures to improve results. We realize that different patients have different needs so our timely and efficient care is designed in ways to focus on the individual needs of the patient.

The department can proudly claim to have on board a team of experts in adult and paediatric cardiac anaesthesia, orthopaedic anaesthesia and liver and gastroenterology anaesthesia. Apart from routine procedures in these subspecialties, the respective teams are trained in heart and liver transplants, regional techniques in orthopaedics for extended pain management and for skilful management of an interesting cross-mix of cardiac patients preferring to get their non-cardiac surgical procedures done at FEHI, simply for the expertise and backup that is available here, painless delivery.


  • Anaesthesiologists and OT :

    Fortis JK Hospital Heart Institute and its team of anaesthesiologists are committed to make the operating rooms safe, in every sense of the word, for not only all patients and personnel working in the OT but also for the environment, as a part of social obligation. The OT complex has been awarded Green OT certification by independent French certification body 'Bureau Veritas' after ascertaining that we meet all the required 45 standards of safety.

    The committed anaesthesiology team is supported by state of the art infrastructure available in the operating rooms and other areas of the hospital.Spacious modular operating rooms, electronically controlled air conditioning and circulation systems, new generation anaesthesia work-stations and electronic anaesthesia record charting ensure a safe and high precision working environment.

    All operating rooms are equipped with multiple channel hemodynamic monitors and have provision for intraoperative Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE) for real time assessment of heart anatomy and functions, directly under the supervision of anaesthesiologists.

    The anaesthesiologists routinely perform ultrasound guided vascular cannulation and nerve blocks. The operating rooms are equipped with ultrasound machines to facilitate ultrasound guided vascular cannulation.In complicated and high-risk procedures, anaesthesiologists continuously monitor Near Infra-Red based cerebral oximetry to ensure uninterrupted blood and oxygen supply to brain.

  • Anaesthesiologists and Perioperative Care :

    The anaesthesiologists’ role at FEHI doesn't end at the operating room on completion of the surgical procedure. They are involved fully in the intensive care extended to patients in Recovery Rooms as they are gradually weaned off life support systems, and until are on their feet.

  • Anaesthesiologists and Pain Relief :

    The pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. The anaesthesiologists are committed to provide pain relief to patients to reduce their suffering using multimodal techniques to produce maximum relief with minimum side effects. The department is equipped with all the requisite gadgets required to provide customized pain relief to patients including the most advanced.

  • Anaesthesiologists' Role in Cath Labs and Imaging Suites :

    An anaesthesiologist is posted in Cath Lab throughout the day to take care of patients undergoing procedures, in need of general anaesthesia or need close monitoring and management. Such cases often need fine tuning of medicines and expert handling of acute hemodynamic changes that are routine rather than exception in such specialized procedures. The Cath Labs are equipped with anaesthesia work stations and monitors to enable anaesthesiologists to provide best of care. On several occasions, an anaesthesiologist's expertise is required to get full imaging done in CT and MRI suites for patients who are either critically ill or otherwise unable to lie still for extended periods of time. MR suite has dedicated MR compatible equipment to complement anaesthesiologist's skill and expertise for extending the service in a safe manner.


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